Circular Knives

Slitters & Crush Cutters
When it comes to circular knives; both top and bottom we have them all. Based on your cutting needs we can help you to select the proper mettallurgical compostion (hardness), and cutting edge angle. All dimensions are held to the strictest tolerances possible in todays market... For the perforaters they are manufactured to the same near zero tolerances as all of our knives. All sizes available including micro-perfs.

J. Wenning prides itself in its regrinding endeavors. Whether it is super-finishing your top-slitters, or even your Tungsten Carbide Bottom Bands; we can definitely fill your needs for a superior finish. Multi-Groovy Bottom Band

Grinding Multi-Groove Bottom Bands and even match grinding of slitters in sets of 50 and upward. Our state of the art facilities can handle anything you throw at them.

Link to circular knife blueprint generator
If you know the dimensions of the slitter you need; you can click on the image at the right and it will ask you for all the specific measurements you need and send it on in for a quote; be sure to include desired material hardness and type of material being cut.

Blades commonly supplied include:

Appleton * Arpeco * Arrow * Baumfolder * Beloit/Lenox * Bielomatik * Black Clawson * Cameron * Clark-Aiken * Cleveland * Custom-Bilt * Didde * Dusenbery * ECH Will * Goebel * Goss * Hamilton * Harris/Schriber * Jagenberg * Kidder * King Press/Solna * P.C.M. Co. * Stacker * Stahl * Stanford * Valmet * etc...