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Corporate History

J. Wenning Grinding & Supply Inc. has been in business since 1982. Started in John Wennings' garage by himself and Glenn Kreger when this service was still in its infancy. They were the first to offer a premium quality regrind and hand hone in our area, and the first to be able to achieve a true "super finish" . At the time; the number of quality grind shops were at a non-existent level and the company grew quickly into its' present location on Two Mile Ave.

Located in the heart of Wisconsin. Not far from the banks of the river by the same name; which for more than 100 years had helped to not only fuel the paper and timber revolution, but the entire State. We are at the center of North America and it's machine knife requirements.

Due to our undying dedication for the utmost quality; we achieved and have maintained a rock solid reputation as being at the forefront of this industry, when it comes to cutting edge quality and innovation.

Today the Corporation is still run by Glenn Kreger; with his son David. We employ a small but highly specialized staff; each individual being key to a number of operations.

Although we specialize in the regrinding and repair of straight and circular knives; we also supply the same. Including a full range of accessories such as cutting-sticks, knife guards, pneumatic knife holders, hones, oils, solvents, etc. We are your one stop knife shop.

When it's quality knives and the knowledge to bring the very best out your after; look no further than J. Wenning Grinding & Supply Inc. to fullfill all your commercial knife needs.

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